This masterpiece is designed and created by the master of glass function in the west palm beach area. The function on the drain with the spinning vortex chamber vigorously spins the liquid H20 in the piece creating nice gentle cool hit as the water effectively rushes down the drain to only be brought back up around creating a continuous flow of cooling effect as you inhale with little effort. The looping of the drain runs directly through the partial ball adding to the effectiveness of the overall function. Not only is this a masterfully crafted to be visually eye appealing but the understanding of the flow of water and its function is flawless from the years of experience @Nibglass has obtained in his career. If you haven't owned a @Nibglass piece before. scoop up this amazing work of art with the added craft of functional engineering that changes your sesh experience. you won't be disappointed.

Nib Glass not quite a Ball Recycler

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