CFL Color changing 3-way collaboration by 3 local Florida artists with thier  own unique skills. The Color shifts from light clear blue to a nice lavender purple in different beams of natural and CFL bulb lighting created by @EastKoastglass as In addition, the accents shaping and marbles where made added to this stunning piece of art by @EastKoastglass. The beautiful intricate labor and design of the colorful chip stacks Reds, blacks, yellows, and orange that fades in as the chip stack pattern alternates was created by a local West Palm Beach Artist @Nibglass. Finally, the Wigwag master @LeviCarterglass added his amazing talent with is the talented skills of wigwag. His blend of colors and steady hand created the stunning colors of the rainbow make this eye catching one of a kind masterpiece stand out in a sea of glass. 

Levi Carter--Nib Glass-EastKoastglsss

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